The Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP) is developing Peace through Moderation, a global project to promote peace and security.  It will support peacebuilding and encourage tolerance of and respect for others, regardless of ethnicity, political philosophy or theology, as a way to reduce extremism and the terrorism it engenders.

The ultimate goal is peaceful coexistence. This project will support well-qualified organizations and institutions that have developed effective programs and initiatives to help reach that goal; especially those organizations that can effectively advance moderation as a counter to extremism. At the same time, the project will develop a strategy to support initiatives that apply peacebuilding concepts to extremism and conflict environments.

By combining several complementary existing and new initiatives into an effective and coherent project, we can enhance the effectiveness of each initiative and increase resources to support them.

Fundraising efforts for this project will focus on major financial and commercial centers that have the most to gain.