About Us

The Peace through Moderation (PtM) project was established by Paul Stevers and the Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP) with the goal of promoting the concept of moderation as a counter force to the violence perpetrated by extremists.  

This project will generate financial support to Build Peace through Moderation, and will develop a strategy to support effective initiatives that apply peacebuilding concepts to extremism and conflict environments.  It will support organizations that can effectively advance moderation as a counter to extremism.

Together, AfP and Mr. Stevers will organize and produce a series of events to stimulate large scale donations to the project.  The events will be designed to attract potential major donors, provide them with information on the dynamics of extremism and terrorism, educate them about effective strategies that help reduce extremist groups, and encourage them to become financial partners to make a difference.  The project will seek support from investors who generate substantial profits from a growing global economy. 

Find out more about Strategic Advisor and Founding Sponsor, Paul Stevers


As the hub of the network of peacebuilding organizations, the Alliance for Peacebuilding serves as the secretariat for Peace through Moderation and provides management for the program and funds.  AfP is a network of premier conflict prevention and resolution organizations and professionals.  AfP and its members are dedicated to building sustainable peace and security worldwide by reducing the frequency and severity of violent conflicts.  AfP initiates, develops and supports collaborative action among nongovernmental, governmental and intergovernmental organizations.  

Please contact us for more information at info1a [at] peacethroughmoderation.org